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Sweet Tips for Halloween Success with Your Kids

  Halloween is a favorite holiday of most kids, but for their dentists, it’s a very different story! Here are some tips for you and your kids to enjoy the holiday and still keep those teeth healthy!   Make the holiday about more than just candy   There are amazing Halloween crafts that you can [...]

Metro Minis Recap

Last week I did a workshop at the Metro Minis store on the Upper East Side where I talked to parents about dental care for kids and showed the younger audience members how to brush properly by having them brush a demo monkey’s teeth. I had a great time meeting the parents, kids, and Metro [...]

Talking Pediatric Dental Care at Metro Minis on the UES 9/22 @ Noon

I am pleased to announce that next week I will be visiting Metro Minis, a children’s store on the Upper East Side to talk to parents about dental care for newborns through preschoolers, give tips on making dental care fun for kids and answering questions. Metro Minis carries a variety of baby carriers, eco-friendly children’s [...]

6 Books to Get Your Kids Excited About Visiting the Dentist

Books can be a big help in helping to prepare your child for what happens at the Dental Office. Below is a short list of some of my favorite books to get for your kids to help make that first (or second or third!) visit to the dentist a little easier on your kid (and [...]

Use Sweeteners to Get Your Kid to Drink H20? Stop this Bad Habit

I was very concerned when I read a question from a reader on the CafeMom forum discussion saying that she flavors the water she gives her 2 year old daughter with Crystal Light to get her to drink more water. I don’t advocate using it because products like Crystal Light contain artificial sweetener, which may [...]

Electric Toothbrushes – Good or Bad? [Sonicare Giveaway]

One CafeMom reader asked me if electric toothbrushes are better than the good old traditional ones. She specifically asked if she should get a Sonicare for her child and I figured I would share my thoughts with my readers.   I am not necessarily in favor or opposed to using electronic toothbrushes but I have [...]

Forum Discussion about Pediatric Dentistry at!

CafeMom asked me to take part in their “Ask the Expert” series and answer reader questions about taking care of your kids’ dental health. CafeMom is an online community where millions of moms meet each day to talk, share advice, make new friends and play games. Starting Monday, July 19th I will be visiting the [...]

Top 3 Snacks That Won’t Make Your Kids’ Dentist Frown

1. Fruits and Veggies   While fruits have natural sugars, they tend to contain a lot of water, and they don’t often get stuck in teeth making them a no brainer in the sweet-treat department. Of course any sweets should be in moderation, but I have less concern about fruits such as apples, blueberries and [...]

How to Brush Your Childs’ Teeth Properly

Circular motion, back and forth, up and down? Which is the right way to brush your child’s teeth properly? It is actually a very common question that I get asked by my patients’ parents. I decided to write a post on this topic to help all the parents wondering if they are doing this daily [...]


Dr. Gelman lives in midtown Manhattan with her husband Shimon Shkury and her son Ariel Moshe who was born in July 2009. Dr. Gelman is dedicated to providing pediatric dental care in a warm, nurturing environment. She looks forward to welcoming you to her practice!