Archive: August, 2010

6 Books to Get Your Kids Excited About Visiting the Dentist

Books can be a big help in helping to prepare your child for what happens at the Dental Office. Below is a short list of some of my favorite books to get for your kids to help make that first (or second or third!) visit to the dentist a little easier on your kid (and [...]

Use Sweeteners to Get Your Kid to Drink H20? Stop this Bad Habit

I was very concerned when I read a question from a reader on the CafeMom forum discussion saying that she flavors the water she gives her 2 year old daughter with Crystal Light to get her to drink more water. I don’t advocate using it because products like Crystal Light contain artificial sweetener, which may [...]

Electric Toothbrushes – Good or Bad? [Sonicare Giveaway]

One CafeMom reader asked me if electric toothbrushes are better than the good old traditional ones. She specifically asked if she should get a Sonicare for her child and I figured I would share my thoughts with my readers.   I am not necessarily in favor or opposed to using electronic toothbrushes but I have [...]


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