Metro Minis Recap

Last week I did a workshop at the Metro Minis store on the Upper East Side where I talked to parents about dental care for kids and showed the younger audience members how to brush properly by having them brush a demo monkey’s teeth. I had a great time meeting the parents, kids, and Metro Minis staff and look forward to getting involved in future workshops. If you missed the event, here is a quick excerpt from the Metro Minis blog about the event (go directly to their blog for the full post):


Best tips for your little one:


1) Start early when the first tooth comes in, begin to either wipe off the gums and new teeth with a dental wipe, or use a finger brush or baby tooth brush.


2) When you have a toddler or older, have them drink some water after a snack to help remove the sugars in the mouth.


3) Beware of the ‘stickier’ snacks as they sit on the teeth much longer. For example, raisins, lollipops, and hard or chewy candy. So brush more diligently after snacks like this and the sooner the better.




Metro Minis also posted a video excerpt from my talk at the event which you can see below.


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Dr. Gelman lives in midtown Manhattan with her husband Shimon Shkury and her son Ariel Moshe who was born in July 2009. Dr. Gelman is dedicated to providing pediatric dental care in a warm, nurturing environment. She looks forward to welcoming you to her practice!