Top 3 Snacks That Won’t Make Your Kids’ Dentist Frown

1. Fruits and Veggies


While fruits have natural sugars, they tend to contain a lot of water, and they don’t often get stuck in teeth making them a no brainer in the sweet-treat department. Of course any sweets should be in moderation, but I have less concern about fruits such as apples, blueberries and watermelon which are packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Avoid dried fruits that tend to be sticky. So many parents think that raisins are a perfect snack but be careful- it’s always best to give your child some water to drink after any sticky, chewy treats. Vegetables are generally very healthy snacks for teeth. Veggies are not sticky, and they are crunchy and satisfying at the same time. The crunchiness also helps to produce more saliva which helps to neutralizes cavity-causing bacteria present in the mouth.

Two kids eating kiwis and oranges


2. Cheese


Cheese is a great snack to give your kids to munch on between meals. It is naturally lower in carbohydrates and high in calcium. Cheese will not raise the pH of the saliva greatly, which in turn will keep cavities at bay. There are some studies that are showing that the additional calcium could help to reverse small areas of decay.


3. Chocolate (yes, chocolate!!!)


In moderation of, course! In the last several years, researchers have found that chocolate may actually have multiple health and dental benefits. Studies have shown that parts of the cocoa bean may actually have anti-cavity causing properties. Chocolate tends to melt easily, so there is very little left behind to promote tooth decay. Generally speaking, chocolate eaten in moderation is less harmful than sticky, sweet treats. Because of the the high amounts of fat and sugar in chocolate,  it’s important to teach your kids to eat it in moderation, and remember to rinse with water after eating any sweet treat especially if toothbrushing won’t happen for a while.


At those times when your kids are demanding a sweet treat and nothing else seems to appeal to them, reaching for a piece a of chocolate is very good bet.

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