Electric Toothbrushes – Good or Bad? [Sonicare Giveaway]

One CafeMom reader asked me if electric toothbrushes are better than the good old traditional ones. She specifically asked if she should get a Sonicare for her child and I figured I would share my thoughts with my readers.


I am not necessarily in favor or opposed to using electronic toothbrushes but I have found that they are a great way to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth. So if you have been thinking about getting one for your child, go for it! However, it is important that kids still learn how to brush with a manual toothbrush. Teaching your kids to brush using a small circular motion mimics what electric toothbrushes do, and allows them to clean efficiently and well. I often tell parents to be sure to switch between manual and electric toothbrushes so that their kids learn the proper way to brush their teeth. And remember that regardless of what type of toothbrush your child uses, we always suggest brushing for 2 minutes twice a day!


Sonicare For Kids is a great new product because it gradually teaches kids how to brush and for how long. These brushes are an investment, so I have decided to run a giveaway where you can enter for a chance to win one! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment either on Facebook or here on the blog with your best tip to other parents on how to get your kid excited about brushing their teeth.


We will be announcing the winner mid September on our blog, Twitter and Facebook page.


**UPDATE: Congratulations to Lisa Vaccarella who is the winner of the Sonicare Kids Toothbrush Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you on our blog again!


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how about dental silly bands

I sing a song to my daughter to keep her entertained while brushing her teeth. It varies day to day but seems to work.

I put a 3 minute egg timer and when that is done, they can finish brushing their teeth. They have fun watching the sand go down that they forget they are brushing.

We (5 yr old son)make up sill rhymes/stories about what would happen if we didn’t brush our teeth each day like “if I brush my teeth each day
you could see my smile from a mile away”.

I enjoy using an electric toothbrush and I’m sure that would get my kids excited about brushing their teeth as well.

I let my daughter decorate her toothbrush with stickers!

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